Martial Arts Center of Oregon

Martial Arts Center of Oregon is creating a new revolutionary experience for martial artists.  An online community of martial artist where techniques, forms, ideas and more can be shared.  This community is about learning and growning as martial artist without the politics that tend to happen in most organizations.  The Community embraces all systems and style of martial arts.  There is not one system or style that is the best.   The idea is every system or style has its unique qualities that can benefit all.  The Community can be a place for members to connect with other members and explore the endless benefits for martial arts.  There is a multitude of opportunities, join and start a new chapter in your life.

MACO will be posting new ideas, techniques and other information into the Community weekly if not daily.  We encourage everyone member to contribute.  It will only make the Community stronger.  MACO will review all contribution before posting.  

As the Community grows, MACO wants to take every advantage of technology.  The biggest goal is to allow anyone from any where get the training they want. 

The membership fee is $25 a month.   

MACO does teach Shaolin Kempo Karate and will allow individuals to gain rank.  No matter what belt rank you have have in any other system or style, you must start at the beginning.  If you are interested in Shoalin Kempo Karate, please go to the MACO student section for more information.